Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Weekend with the Bergers

This weekend we got a chance to spend both Friday, Saturday and a little bit of Sunday with friends from our small group: the Bergers. We don't see them TOO often because they live about 25 minutes away in Smyrna, but when we do get together it's always a good time (hence the hanging out all weekend thing). Last Wednesday, Brittney kindly put together a ladies night, and so Brandon and Keith got some time to hang out. As we were parting ways we decided that before we ended our current hang out time, we needed to be sure to schedule the next time we would be seeing each other as a way of making sure that quality time together happens more often. It was arranged that we would drive down to their place on Friday night for dinner, which made for quite a lovely evening. Brittney put together some yummy salad and pasta, and we all got a chance to unwind from our work weeks by hanging out back with good beers and good conversations. Somewhere during the course of our evening we all discussed how much we wanted to take a tour of the local distillery in Nashville, Corsair, but they were all booked up. Still though, we vowed to spend part of Saturday together. Plan B then became to take a tour of our favorite brewery Yazoo which we go to ALL the time, but have never taken a formal tour. Brittney and Brandon made their way to our house, we swung by the brewery to reserve our tour time, and then had a delicious lunch at the 12 South Taproom. Our tour was at 4pm, and as we learned a bit about the brewery and the brew process we tasted heavily and left quite happy. We had a couple more beers in the taproom before we moved on to try more local beers at Jackalope (terrible, bleckk) but of course ended up back at Yazoo to fill up our growlers (for free) and then we grabbed some hot chicken at Pepperfire and went home. The Bergers didn't hang around too much longer, and we were thankfully in bed at a decent hour ( haha).

I don't know if you could tell from all that I just wrote... but we had one of the BEST weekends we've had in a long time! When we have nothing on the agenda for our weekends we usually do our best to lay low, relax and lounge around the house to try and offset how tired we are from the week. In this case we were VERY thankful that we broke out of our routine a bit and tried some new things with good friends. Here are some photos from our adventures (some from me, and some from Brittney):

Friday Night at the Bergers

Saturday Lunch

First of many group shots

The waitress put hearts in their beers, they felt special haha


Behind the scenes



Yazoo taproom group

Jackalope (lady beers)

Free growler fills, gotta love making beer friends haha

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