Saturday, May 19, 2012


Richards Roadtrip 2012 is in full swing!! For the next 10 days I'll be blogging from the car as we travel up the east coast and back visiting some of our favorite cities and best friends. On the agenda is Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, DC but before that, we made a quick pit stop in Charlottesville, Virginia to see Jonathan and Erin in their new city. I've never thought much about Virginia and certainly haven't seen much of the state but after the 24 hours we just spent here I can say that it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! I love the quaint little historic towns and the beyond gorgeous mountain views!

Last night we arrived in Charlottesville in time for a late dinner and a stroll down the historic downtown mall and this morning we had a late local breakfast and a brief tour of the University of Virginia's incredible campus. While I was getting my Art History degree I studied Thomas Jeffersons architecture in lots of books but seeing it in the flesh is a whole other story. I'm not even an architecture person and I was fascinated! Definitely puts any of my college campuses to shame haha. It was great to catch up with Jonathan and Erin even though it was so short and from what we saw of Charlottesville we will DEFINITELY be coming back for a longer visit soon!

For now were on our way to Philly to see Dan and Aly, watch Tim and Gillian get married and love our old city just a bit! If you want to keep up with our adventures you can follow us on instagram (drich, or richards_k) or search the tag #richardsroadtrip2012

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