Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wedding Day

Here are the rest of the photos I have from Trent and Jordie's wedding weekend! Their wedding day was perfect, so many great people, food and drinks. We worked hard in the morning to get everything put together, but we certainly partied hard all evening long. Keith and I can never say no to a good ole fashion dance party!

Jamie and I were on balloon patrol

The ushers

Cutest baby ever :)

Checking out the goodies

Trent watching his bride approach

Exchanging vows


The kiss!


Keith and Ives

They kept taking pictures of themselves instead of us, ugh

Team DJ!



more friends!


First dance

The babes and the bride

Photo booth moments

Meyer family

double glasses, brow, nose and stache

Cake cutting: balcony view

Bennett and Steven

Sage being terrified of the bouquet toss haha

Jordie and Ashley!

Bennett and Sage slow dancing

Renee and Chelsey dancing up a storm

Janelle and Christian, he finally got up to dance!

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