Friday, May 18, 2012


This post will NOT include any photos but I felt that it was significant enough of a life event to document that I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out this past week. Since I don't have dental insurance I had it done at the local dental school which also meant no fancy anesthesia... so don't ask me to recount any of that absolute terror of a morning. Yes, I have the pleasure of remembering every second of that nightmare, ickkkkkk. Recovery has been slow and steady, and I'm feeling MUCH better. The actual day of was a little scary and made me so thankful for my amazing and selfless husband. He really has seen me and taken care of me at my worst, such a trooper. One thing that I can't get over though is my extreme paranoia that I'm going to develop dry sockets! We just left on a 10 road trip this afternoon so I won't have access to the dentists office if that were to happen but I'm pretty sure I google the symptoms, causes and precautions at least twice a day. In any event, I can feel my scars healing and I've already managed to start eating some real food so let's hope these are good signs!

To any friends that I've seen this week: thank you for being so kind and telling me my face doesn't look THAT huge ;-) my students were not so gracious (Ms Richards why is your face so weird right now?!) also- thanks for sharing your own experiences, but your personal horror stories are only making me more paranoid haha good vibes only please!

No more oral surgery for a while now please? This seems to be a summer trend for me that I don't appreciate. Also, I think I'm starting to smell like peas from icing my face constantly haha

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  1. Oh you poor girl, no anesthesia? You are my hero! Sending good vibes your way that you're healing well! (My own personal horror story ended in dry socket but I won't get into that.)


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