Monday, May 21, 2012

Philadelphia Adventures

Richards Roadtrip 2012 stop #2 was Philadelphia, our former home and one of our all time favorite cities. In November when we visited we stayed with our friends Tim and Gillian, but since we were in town for their wedding we got the chance to stay with our friends Dan and Aly. Can I just say... these past 3 days here have just been SO refreshing! We've had a really good mix of staying in and kicking back on the couch or the porch, and going out to explore. There is just so much love in this city that I can't help but be extremely happy anytime were visiting :)

Saturday night when we arrived in town we spent the evening catching up, enjoying a fire in the fire pit and watching the boys grill us up some delicious dinner. Dan and Aly are expecting their first child in August so many exciting things to chat about! (enter: baby fever) Sunday we started our day with a nostaltic Wawa breakfast and then spent the entire day in New Jersey for Tim and Gill's wedding. When we finally got home we settled into a movie and couple cuddles on the couch. Monday we indulged once again in Wawa breakfast sandwiches and then made our way over to our old neighborhood, Manayunk to have a light lunch at Winnie's, which just so happens to be the first place we ever ate in Philadelphia when we first visited with my parents. It seems so strange to go back to places that we've been so many times before because it really feels like we never left. Kinda just makes me miss it more :/ we drove past the old apartment which still looks the same, and we soaked up as much neighborhood air as possible before we had to head out. Our next stop was the Victory Brewing Company's brewpub for some yummy local beers and more time for hanging out and catching up. After the boys picked up a couple souvenirs we got on our way again for a hysterical car ride back into the city. Us ladies in the back seat just couldn't seem to stop nagging Keith about his driving, to which he was super gracious and by the end of the drive we couldn't stop laughing at all of our ridiculousness haha. I write about Sketch on this blog all the time, but in case you're new here... it's our absolute favorite burger place in Philly and we can't go to town without having that for dinner and having at least pints worth of their amazing aioli sauce. We had some very happy tummys on the way home :) Then as a little endcap on our stay with the Meloche's we partook in one more fire pit night and the boys smoked some cigars together. Overall... such a great trip back to one of our favorite "homes". I do wish that we could have stayed a little longer so we could have seen our Epic Church friends, and Meg and Mike (who are basically our Philly parents). The good thing is, we can't stay away from here for TOO long, way too many good people and good memories! 

Dan and Aly's awesome puppy Dante

Aly's BEAUTIFUL roses!

Keith serenading us post wedding on Sunday
Victory Brews

Sketch dinner

Late night fires

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