Saturday, November 12, 2011

Philadelphia Home

Words cannot describe how awesome our Philadelphia trip was last weekend. I prepped Keith ahead of time and let him know that I was going to be super nostalgic and sappy the whole time, but instead of feeling nostalgic about all the people and the sights it just felt like we had never left. Taking the train to Manayunk felt like we were going home... Sitting in traffic on 76 felt totally normal and walking up the hill past our old apartment felt like we were just retracing steps. We have been gone an entire year but if you had given me a key to that apartment it would have been like nothing had ever changed... like we had never moved at all. It was very surreal but definitely in a good way. I can say that I have a whole new appreciation and love for that city, and even though the "grass is always greener on the other side" it was great to be back in the city where we got our start. Thankfully when Keith booked our trip he gave us Monday as an extra day so that we wouldn't feel rushed just being there for the weekend. It was SO nice to feel like we could explore where ever we wanted and not have to worry about "missing" anything. I wanted to make the most of every second we got to spend there, but I also secretly knew that I was never going to have enough time to take in everything I wanted to do and see. As much as I love Nashville and I know that it is the right home for us right now, it was strange knowing that we don't like in Philadelphia anymore and any time that we spend there from now on will be limited. I guess that means we just need to take more trips...

Here are some photos from our time in our favorite city:

Henry: my favorite 30 lb cat :)

City Hall! 

Ordering up some Wawa hoagies.. sometime we SEVERELY miss 

Eating said hoagies

Our awesome hosts Tim and Gill

Market East Train Station

Headed to Manayunk

Main Street <3

Football at Meg and Mikes

Creepily sitting on our old stoop... looks the same.

Headed down the hill to take a walk on the tow path

Always love main street at night

Manayunk train station

Henry cuddles!

Monday lunch at Reading Terminal Market... why can't we have this in Nashville!!

The most amazing Heath Bar cookies ever!

The Ben Franklin Bridge

At the end of the Race Street Pier

Our view of the skyline from the Delaware river

Local brews

Sunset skyline


Our favorite burgers in Philly... SKETCH!

Cannot get enough. 
All I can say is that I can't wait to go back and visit again and again and again. It may be a smelly old city, but it's my favorite and so full of amazing memories :)

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  1. That's it, we're moving to Philly. Ok, maybe a nice vacation there first haha. It looks like such a great and exciting place to live. I'm glad you guys had so much fun reminiscing :)


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