Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This Halloween I decided to dress up for the first time in years because I knew I would be volunteering at my old job for their fall festival. It had to be something easy that I could make with things from around the house which led me to channel my inner Amanda McCleod and go for a dinosaur hoodie. Here was my example:

She used felt, but because I didn't have any of that I just used some old curtain fabric I got from work last year and started sewing.

Measuring out my spikes.

Goofy dino face.


With zombie Elijah..

Overall I would count this one as a success... thanks for letting me rip off your idea Amanda, I'll probably wear this for the next 10 Halloweens haha.


  1. That is too freaking cool, I love it!! If I were you, I'd definitely make that costume a regular. lol.

  2. That dinosaur sweatshirt is great! Comfy, warm, and cute. Perfect.


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