Monday, November 21, 2011

To My Beautiful Wife:

Today is my beautiful wife's birthday. On this day in 1987 Rob and Claire Beal brought my best friend into the world and I will forever be grateful.

Today my wife turns 24. It's crazy to think I have known her since she was 19. That means my life has been a little bit brighter for right at five years now.

Dana has found a way to make me happier with each day that I have known her and I can only hope I am able to reciprocate. She has such a beautiful soul and outlook on life and I think that is evident by all of you that enjoy this blog.

To My Beautiful Wife:

I could not be more grateful that some five odd years ago you saw something behind my crazy 2 year old beard, lip rings, gauges and rat tail and saw something worth taking a chance on.

Nothing makes me happier than thinking about where we started and where we are now and the beautiful journey that has been. You have become such a amazing and beautiful young women and wife and words cannot express how excited I am to see where the Lord takes you in the years to come.

On this day my love, make sure that there is continuously a smile on your face because you are cherished and loved more than you could ever possibly know. I hope 24 is one to remember!

Love you . . . Always

your Husband

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  1. Awww. Sweetest husband birthday post ever. What a keeper. And here's another happy birthday :)


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