Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today we are thankful for:

Each other!
Our supportive families.
New jobs and new opportunities to pursue what we love.
One year of marriage.
THEO! despite his antics.
Being able to spend the holidays with family for the first time in too long.
Our health.
Feeling HOME in Nashville.
A second car.
The technology that makes it possible to share our lives with family and friends through this blog.
The wonderful gift of being provided for against all odds.
The beautiful community we have formed among friends, and through our small group.
A church that we not only call home but feels like home.
and LOVE. We are SO thankful for love :-)

And just for good measure, we are also thankful for fried turkey, a never ending bowl of mashed taters and the best stuffing we have ever experienced. Oh and pie. And biscuits. And the 30 min run we took this morning that is making this meal guilt free haha.

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