Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Years

I'm the worst catmom ever, please don't hold this against me... but we kind of forgot to acknowledge Theo's second birthday. Ooops :( Better late than never though, he'll never know the difference!

I cannot even believe that it's been two years since we brought this little rascal home! What an awesome day, and what an awesome surprise... Keith picked out such a good one :) He was the smallest little cat I've ever seen, and I think that's why we love him so much. He grew up only knowing us and as ridiculous as he is, he is such a little sweet heart to Keith and I. He was just what I needed to not feel so lonely in our Philly apartment when Keith was working crazy retail hours. Theo and I used to spend SO much time together in that apartment, just cuddling and doing homework haha. I'm still in awe that we're two years away from those memories. Time has REALLY been flying! 

Here are some milestones in Theo's life this year:
  • First of all, he moved 1000 miles away from the only home he's ever known
  • Lived with friends Tytus and Jamie
  • Got a new home, that he really took his time getting used to
  • Caught his first bird
  • Caught his first snake
  • and then his second snake...
  • Climbed his first tree
  • Lost 4 different collars in the yard
  • Met a baby
  • Got a bladder infection :(
  • Spent too much time jumping up on the sink
  • Got to eat wet food as more than just a treat
  • Dragged in like 100 sticks
It is safe to say it's been a good year for this guy. He still acts like a kitten, and refuses to let you pet him if there is an opportunity to play with your hand. I've been seeing slight hints of him calming down and wanting to be loved on, but then he'll always come at you with a little reminder of who's boss :) 
Here are some of my favorite phone photos of Theo from this year:

and you can always click here to see my photo montage from his first birthday!


  1. aww happy birthday, theo!! those kitten pics are PRECIOUS! Our cat has only known us too so I know what you mean. She's pretty crazy but we love her like our baby! :p

  2. Theo is hilarious. What an awesome cat.

  3. i wish kisa and him could meet. they'd fall in love


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