Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project: Wedding

Our good friends Jonathan and Erin are getting married in just a few short weeks and I was so honored when Erin asked if I could help her with a few decorations to spruce up their reception hall. I'm no expert, but thanks to pinterest I was able to drum up an idea to hang behind the major tables for the reception and distract a little from the drab interior. Here was my inspiration photo:

I wanted to do more than just cream colored tulle, so I also purchased colors that tied into the colors of the flower arrangements. Here is the work in progress (note, it is still a work in progress!!):
My faithful helper, always there when I don't need him.
All the colors cut into even strips.
My first test run... I'm still playing with the arrangement of the colored pieces.
Sorry it's so hard to see against our beige house.

With the amount of tulle happening in our guest room, I have officially banned the cat from entering. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how easy this project has been, the most time consuming thing was measuring and cutting. I definitely think these will add a more playful and feminine touch to the room, and I think with a little more finagling they will be just what Erin was looking for! (Oh and thanks for giving me something to work on during my fall break!)


  1. what a fun job! much more fun when it's not YOUR wedding. ha!

  2. oh that is awesome!! I'm sure it'll look so pretty!

  3. what a brilliant idea. it's going to look so good! (if only i had thought of it a couple months ago haha)

  4. That's a really clever idea. Lookin' good!

  5. I left you an award on my blog today :)


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