Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Birthday

Saturday night our friends gathered to celebrate Tytus' 27th birthday with some good food, a little World Series baseball watching and best of all... pumpkin carving! It was so great to see Tytus and Jamie, it feels like it's been forever!

Our Kroger purchases for the evening.

Tytus and his Boston Creme Pie

Trick candles! It took him forever to get them all out haha
...and now for the abbreviated version of the pumpkin carving story: I told Keith that I wanted to do something interesting with our pumpkin and not just a standard jack-o-lantern so he searched online for a picture of something he could recreate. He found a super cool cat face that he wanted to do, but like only a terrible wife would do, I doubted his ability to recreate it without a stencil. It was very advanced! Seemed like something that would take a really long time! This doubt fueled an incredible fire in him, and he conquered that cat pumpkin like you wouldn't believe! I couldn't be anything but impressed, and I had to eat all of my previously negative words.

We carved out the bottom instead of the top so it wouldn't do that annoying cave in thing when it sits for awhile. Good idea Jamie!

Removing the guts!

Master carvers

Trent and Jordie's adorably cute jack-o-lantern

The master at work... can you see that determination?

Everyone gathered on the porch to check out our pumpkins all lit up.

Check that out!! this is our cat next to Tytus and Jamie's namesake pumpkin

It's only a little terrifying... but still, he did an AMAZING job!
All in all I learned something new about my husband: he is a pretty talented pumpkin carver and I will NEVER doubt him again ;) and thanks Tytus for having a birthday party so that I could learn this about him! haha

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