Sunday, October 23, 2011


I haven't baked or made anything sweet in SUCH a long time, so since I was home from work last week I was feeling the itch to bust out a new recipe. It is so hard for me to make treats because Keith is not a cake/candy/dessert person on a daily basis like I am. I always want to make something he likes but then it largely goes uneaten and I have to ditch it after a week. Thankfully I stumbled across this recipe for homemade Reese's cups on pinterest and I knew it would be a hit in our house.

You see, Keith LOVE Reese's cups, but he greatly prefers the ones that are made around Easter because they have much more peanut butter in them. Making them myself meant that I could add as much peanut butter as possible, and make my husband super happy. The results were AWESOME! They are super rich, so its hard to eat more than half of one at a time, but overall this was a super easy twist on a classic.

The recipe calls for a mini muffin tin, but I only had a regular sized one, hence their uber richness haha

Peanut butter filling!

I added SO much peanut butter that the chocolate for the top didn't go all the way around so they're a little more like peanut butter chocolate sandwiches, but who cares ;)

Mega tasty, I suggest if you have an extra 30 minutes on your hands and are looking for something great for dessert you try these out!

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