Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Since Keith and I have been together we've been working toward making more conscious food/health choices in order to be in better shape, but also to help our environment. I definitely don't have it all figured out, and we still struggle to find natural cleaning products that we love as much as our old favorites, but we have been making switches here and there that I think are steering us in the right direction. Thankfully this month I think I've officially squashed my craving for fast food or sodas, but in it's place I have a whole handful of other favorite things. I feel like I just want to buy everything I see in the natural section of Kroger, or at Turnip Truck haha. Here's hoping that those habit changes will pay off in our heath and how we feel about our bodies. Now I just need to convince myself that it's worth the extra cost to purchase natural make up products.... Here are some of my recent crave-able items:

I would drink one every day if it was more economical.

It took me a few tries to really get into, but now I LOVE coconut water and it leaves you feeling so refreshed!

Perfect little pre-lunch snack.

Mmm, a tasty little replacement for candy, if only I could work up the motivation to make this again.

Such a filling snack!

As a milk hater, I was surprised by how much I liked this... the dark chocolate is so rich, and joyous :)
Any other suggestions?


  1. I love naked juice!

    Target makes some tasty organic fruit strips too.

  2. yes i love targets ORGANIC fruit leather

  3. oh yum! and I'm soooo hungry right now, thanks a lot. ha! Naked drinks and Coconut water are my absolute faves and I have to get the fruit strips every time we're at our local health food store :p


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