Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Since August I have been working on becoming a runner.

My parents have always been avid runners, but growing up I couldn't have avoided it more. You could even say that I absolutely HATED running and straight up refused to do it. This summer though, I was looking for something to help me get in shape, and I decided that I couldn't avoid running any longer... especially because it's essentially a free workout. Let's not jump the gun too quickly and say I'm a running lover... I haven't made a complete turn around yet, but running has definitely become more enjoyable these past two months (or maybe just less grueling haha) . When I started I honestly couldn't run more than a minute without getting a cramp in my side, but with the help of the Couch to 5k app on my phone I was able to work my way up to running a solid 30 minutes without wanting to absolutely die.

It's a great little thing that coaches you through your run, lets you listen to your own music, but lets you know when you need to walk and when you need to start running. There are lots of different plans/apps out there, but this one I would definitely recommend. It is so helpful to get you started... that doesn't mean its always easy! Those first few days of running 5 minutes, then 8 minutes are super tough but you feel like such a champion when you make it through!

Now that I've completed the program I've moved on to bigger and better things. When my parents were here last April Keith and I set a goal to run the half marathon here in Nashville. It seemed like something that was so far off, but now I really want to get myself in gear and train through the winter. I found a new half marathon trainer app to use because I would really like to see myself run the whole way. I just did the first day, which seemed like cake because it's only half the running time that I just left off at, but I know this is going to get really tough.

Here's to positive running thoughts! I hope that I can stay motivated to get up and go to the gym through the winter, those are always the months I just want to hibernate haha. Wish me luck!

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