Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keith Day

Saturday was SUCH a beautiful day, busy... but absolutely beautiful. I started super early by visiting Ryan and Chelsey's yard sale, then dropped Keith off at his Ultimate Frisbee game, went to Zumba and then back to Keith's game to cheer on his team. They lost their first game, but won the second game (which is the one that I watched, good luck charm???). Look how crazy blue the sky was!

Anytime he was on the sidelines Keith was constantly shouting out advice to his teammates and I had a vision of what my life will be like if our future children decide to play sports...

Red team celebrating their first win!
 After the game we went straight to Keith's band practice (hence dubbing this "Keith Day" haha) and I got to listen to them run through their set of songs. Bennett's girlfriend McKel also joined so it wasn't entirely boring ;)

They practice at the church Anthony works at which has some BEAUTIFUL stained glass. Loved it. 

If you haven't yet, you should listen to Keith's band: Steven Bradley and the Cumberland River Revival.

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