Sunday, October 16, 2011


I know I've mentioned this before, but this month we found out that our good friends Ryan, Chelsey and baby Elliot are leaving Nashville for a new opportunity in California. They have lots of friends here that are sad to see them go, so yesterday the beautiful Jordana along with her fiance Trent, threw them a great going away party down in Franklin. It is SO bittersweet to see them go, because this new job for Ryan is going to be life changing... I just wish it didn't involve them moving so far away! There was a wonderful group of people that stopped by to say their goodbyes to the Meyer's and we spent the night eating and socializing out by the pool, or in front of the fireplace. It was the perfect night for a party outside! Here are some of my photos:

The rainbow fruit skewers that I put together... doesn't it look kind of like an edible arrangement? Can you tell I'm proud...

Chelsey and Elliot

Look at this little charmer!

He smiles so big when he sees his mamma :)

Beautiful Sammie in front of the food spread.

Renee and her little one Levi

Keith with Bennett and his girlfriend McKel.

He has trouble making a regular smile haha

Joseph, Trent and Isaac.

Our hosts! Trent and Jordie.

Jordie with sweet baby Sage

She was the life of the party haha

Sage kept doing this happy scream, testing out her big girl voice and Isaac was showing us this trick to make some hysterical noises

Ryan and Levi planned their outfits haha

Tytus with wiggleworm Sage

Elliot LOVED staring at the fireplace

Just chillin..

Sisters... Jordie and Sammie

Soaking up our last moments with baby Elliot.

Tytus and Isaac. 

To Ryan and Chelsey: I think that it's so funny that one year after Keith and I moved to Nashville you guys will be leaving. As selfish as I'm being about your departure, I could not be more excited for you as a family and I'm truly thankful for the time we had together this past year. We will always be here to support you as friends, and look forward to an excuse to visit California :) and to Trent and Jordie: Thanks for hosting an awesome party! I ate WAY too much, and was terribly happy about it haha

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