Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Snake Factory

So if you know me at all, or are friends with me via facebook, or instagram you know that my cat and I have a little misunderstanding regarding my love for snakes. He keeps bringing them to me as gifts even when I tell him that I absolutely have had my fill for a lifetime. It's ironic to me that this snake gift-giving only happens when Keith (the snake catcher) isn't home, and won't be home for a very long time. Perhaps Theo has a deal with Fear Factor and he's just trying to help me work through my issues? Regardless... it's a nightmare. Eve brought up a valid point... why do I still let him outside? Well, it's truly a double edged sword. If I leave him in he will claw at my legs and meow until I just want to wring his neck, but when I let him out I have to know that he will leave me be, but may bring in a few critters along the way. I'm not ok with either of these options, which is why this self proclaimed "winter hater" is PRAYING for winter to come asap so that all the critters will go into hiding and my ridiculous cat will park himself in front of the heater for 3 months. Bliss... absolutely bliss it will be!

On to yesterdays story: you may remember less than a month ago I chronicled this crisis where I bucked up and took care of the snake all on my own. Theo's catch yesterday? TRIPLE the size of that little guy. AT LEAST 2 ft long, and an inch wide in the middle. When I saw it I almost laughed at the thought of being scared last month because of the new monster that was staring me down. I handled it like any sensible person would do... I ran to the couch, tried to pretend it wasn't there and when I couldn't do that any longer I put on rain boots and gloves (in case it jumped!) and covered it with an old pot. and then I spent the rest of the day pretending everything was normal and that there wasn't a terrible scary creature in my living room. Theo was not so pleased:

He searched... he cried... and then he pouted like a true two year old would. This cat has way too much personality sometimes haha. Eventually Keith got home and saved the day, but not without a little drama. In his effort to slide a box under the pot and flip it the snake got out and tried to hide in our laundry hamper (which meant I screamed, ran, and jumped on the washing machine). Even Keith was a little jilted and commented a few times on how big it was. I'm pretty glad I didn't try and tackle this one alone, I am ok with admitting I'm not that brave haha.

As for today, I am establishing a no open door policy... Theo will need to be throughly inspected for critters before he comes anywhere near me. Fingers crossed!


  1. Holy crap, I would've have to leave the house for the day. Freaking cats, why do they do this to us?! haha

  2. ;/ i'm thrilled at the moment that kisa is an indoor cat. ughhh.

  3. I wish you could have snagged a picture of the snake! I understand why that wasn't an option, haha. Maybe I should get Spooky a rubber snake or something because being cooped up in our tiny basement apartment has made him into a jerk. Maybe we can fake out our cats with rubber snakes!

  4. Oh my goodness, I would have freaked out! Especially if it was in my house! I used to cover spiders up with cups and pots when I was younger (my mom always got a fun surprise when she would lift them up haha). The other day there was a HUGE spider in our house and Jantz (who is probably more scared of spiders than I am) somehow stepped up and killed it. Spiders are a far cry from snakes though, I don't know what I would have done!


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