Monday, October 10, 2011

Almost Newlyweds

This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting our great friends Jonathan and Erin! Even though their trip was last minute and quick we still got to have some great chats with them and share in the excitement of their upcoming wedding (it's only a month away now!).

When they got in Friday night we enjoyed a few beers together and caught up on life, then Saturday started with a trip to the ever famous Pancake Pantry. We spent the afternoon lounging in the living room watching college football until Keith and I had to head to a field trip with my students. While we were gone Jonathan and Erin got to have a great date night, and visit with a friend from college and when we were all back at the house we watched a few too many episodes of our favorite show Storage Wars :) Sunday with them was short a sweet because they had to head out right after church, but we're thankful for the time that we got to have with them... can't wait for their wedding in November!!!

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