Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dirty Santa

Friday night Keith and I had an excellent double date with our friends Brad and Jen before we headed down to Murfreesboro for a Christmas party at Steve's place. The party had a really fun mix of old friends and new faces, and we had a really great time playing dirty santa and drinking Steve's delicious egg nog. Oh, and guess who was the MVP of the party... thats right, Jimmy Bone, Keith's terrifying hobo doll made many appearances. The good news is that Jimmy Bone has decided to leave our home and stay at Uncle Steve house, YAY! Here are some photos from the night:

Steve and Jimmy Bone getting aquatinted.


Steve explaining the rules of the game.

Willing game participants.

Keith and Trent.

Boozy egg nog.


Jordy making her gift selection.

and regretting her gift selection... she later traded it in for beer haha

Trent and his princess blanket haha

Jimmy decided to try on some of Keith's stuff.

and then there were some duets that happened haha
Lots of laughs, mostly laughing at Jimmy Bone's singing voice.

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