Monday, December 5, 2011

Girls Night

This weekend my lady friends and I got together to do some fun Christmas crafts together. They all made really awesome pinterest inspired projects and I mostly just watched, chatted and drank champagne haha. It was really awesome to find some time where we could all hang out (without the boys) and from the sounds of it, I think we'll be doing this a little more regularly. I am so thankful for the friends that Keith made in college, and I'm doubly thankful for the awesome women they chose to marry so that I can have a solid group of lady friends in Nashville. Love you girls so much!

Carolyn made a gorgeous wreath.

Jordie and Sammie made snow globes and glass ornaments.

Craft table, photo compliments of Sammie.

Jordie and I made some tinsel tassels, and then had some fun turning them into beards haha

again, compliments of Sammie.

Then the boys got back, and made fun of our tinsel beards. This is why they weren't invited ;)

Sage slept most of craft night, but she got up for some dinner just before the boys returned. This is the only non-blurry photo that I got of her haha she is on the move these days!

As nice as it was to not have the boys around for a night, it was still pretty nice to hang out all together for a bit once they returned :)

It was a great night! Now if only I could finish that tree skirt I started...

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