Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Update

This past weekend was such a weird combination of relaxing and busy. Thankfully it included most all of our favorite things though: great meals, time with friends, naps and babies. Other peoples babies, that is haha. Friday night we started off the weekend right with a dinner of free tacos at our favorite local spot and then to a Christmas party at our friend Elizabeth's house. 
After most of the guests had left, Keith and Elizabeth entertained us with a little jam session. 

Saturday we. were. SOoooo. lazy. And it was AWESOME! We woke up at 10, hung out in bed and watched movies, ate breakfast and then took a nap. Even Theo joined us! It was so nice to not have anything at all to do. When we finally picked ourselves up we cleaned the house and then lounged on the couch some more.

Saturday's main event though, was getting to hang out with sweet baby Sage all night! Last time we saw Carolyn and Isaac, Keith asked if we could get added to the babysitting rotation and we were thrilled when they called us about Saturday night. We got to eat dinner with Carolyn and Isaac before they headed out, and then we got to play with their beautiful girl while they were away. It was pretty great not to have to share her with anyone else because we usually only see Sage when a group of friends get together haha. Love that precious girl :)

She LOVED tugging on Keith's beard haha

Sunday is when all the craziness happened. Keith had to work at church, ran out of time to grab our next CSA pick up and had to call in help from friends, we had lunch with some other friends, got our Christmas card photos taken, and then ran 6 miles together. Phewwww. We were ready for dinner and bed after all that!

Now! all I can think about is that I have 2 days left of work, and we have 9 days until we fly to Florida for Christmas!!! Cannot wait!

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