Friday, December 16, 2011

Purple Peas

With our new CSA goodies, we've had to be a little more creative with recipes so we don't get really bored eating similar things every night. We got a bunch of dried purple hull peas in our first delivery and I was a little stumped on how to use them because they're kinda like beans and Keith hates beans. I decided to bite the bullet and make a yummy veggie soup, and thankfully Keith really enjoyed it (at least he said he did haha). 

I used this recipe as a pretty loose reference, even though we didn't have a bunch of the things it called for. It still had lots of peas, onions, turnips, tomatoes, and kale and its been delicious enough to eat for lunch everyday this week. I'm kinda liking the challenge of cooking with limited ingredients, it makes you feel a lot more accomplished when you get something really really delicious! Now my next mission is to use the rest of the peas to make this hummus...

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