Tuesday, December 13, 2011


December is one of my favorite months... not because of the weather, but because it's the time of year where you can watch all your favorite Christmas movies with no shame at all. I think it's pretty interesting that Christmas gets its own genre of films, yet there are hardly ever movies made about other equally as publicized holidays. And! there are SO many Christmas movies! Thankfully ABC Family shows them daily, all month long so that I can get my fill. Keith and I have a pretty regular rotation that we enjoy watching, none of which are very serious at all. Here is our list of absolute favorites, from childhood til today:

Not necessarily a "Christmas" movie, but it takes place during the holiday, and who can resist a little Macaulay Culkin

I can honestly say that I watch this movie year round, but it feels even more special at this time of year.

Classic story, but with Muppets :)

One of Keith's childhood favorites.

One of my childhood favorites


This is kind of a joke, but Keith legitimately loves it haha we watched it last night.

One of my absolute FAVORITES growing up. Can't go a year without watching it!

How about you? Have any Christmas classics that you look forward to watching every year?


  1. Oh man, we just watched Jingle all the Way when Andrew's mom was in town a week or two ago. So bad, but so hilarious.

  2. the santa clause might be one of my favorite movies ever. i watched it all the time with the girls i nannied for. it's soooo magical. i told ryan that the other night, well, just that it was my favorite christmas movie and he gave me so much shit, it was unbelievable.


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