Friday, December 16, 2011


Thursday night was the huge Winter Showcase at the community center I work for, and so amongst the hip hop dance groups, nativity reenactment and Christmas carolers I got to exhibit a sampling of the art my students have been making this year. It was a pretty unorganized event, and generally a free-for-all, but I took lots of pride in making the "exhibit" look nice for the students who came, and got lots of compliments from fellow employees. It was a little stressful and a bit of a time crunch to get everything hung and set up, but after one of my little kindergarteners came up to me with the BIGGEST smile upon seeing his painting on the wall, it was so worth it. I also got to meet a few parents who were thrilled to see some of the art their child had made. One of the moms even said, "Gregory came home telling me about water lilies and I had no idea what he meant until I saw these!" Sometimes I worry that I take my job too seriously for just being part time, but I really love what I do a lot, and I'm very thankful I get to teach in some capacity. If only I could manage to make this my day job... 

Here are some photos from the set up:

I was only a LITTLE excited to be finished ;)

The full spread.

Middle School landscape paintings and chalk line patterns.

More middle school landscapes, plus some weavings.

Kindergarten: waterlilies, Andy Warhol flowers, funky fish, rainbow gardens and stained glass shapes.

Elementary: pumpkin paintings, paper weavings, waterlilies and Warhol flowers.
I love some of the things they've made that I even hesitate to hand them back. I definitely need to take some detailed photos for my teaching portfolio haha.

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