Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tree Time

Yesterday Keith and I headed over to home depot and picked out a Christmas tree together! Surprisingly enough this is our first time to actually pick one together. When we lived in Philadelphia we just had a little fake tree, and last year Keith went and got our tree while I was at work as a surprise. I was SO excited for us to go together this year, but then quickly realized that I am much to indecisive for such an occasion. Thankfully it only took us like... 20 minutes to make our final choice and we were on our way haha.

We were trying to take our own photo and a nice man offered to take this for us :)

Too many different types, too many different sizes! 

We made this poor man hold up so many options haha

Tonight's plan is to decorate the tree and hope for the best that Theo doesn't remember how fun it is to pull the ornaments off. He has already been having a blast hiding behind the tree like a jungle cat and pouncing at us when we least expect it haha.

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