Friday, December 9, 2011


Sorry to overload you on kid art recently, but these were too adorable not to share. I've been collecting all my students art to show at an upcoming event for their families, but the students are always begging to make something they can take home right away. Since we're getting very close to Christmas I decided that we should make some fun ornaments for them to take home and they were SO thrilled! I love the way that they turned out (and I even got to make one of my own).

I put together the popsicle stick frames for them, but they drew their own self portraits, wrote their names, decorated the frames and glued their pictures to the frames. I set them on the ac to dry and they were all so excited about it that I couldn't even get them to stay in their seats while they dried haha. Here are some of my favorites:

creepy ghost face. no arms.

I posted this on instagram last night, but I'll share the story again: my favorite student, Alexander, is so quiet and happy and always following directions. He's like an angel in a class full of demons. I came over to his seat to see how his portrait was coming along and all he could do was giggle at me. I asked him what was so funny and he whispered, "Ms. Dana... I put a MUSTACHE! hehehe" It was too adorable. I have no idea why he wanted to give himself a mustache, but I thought it was just as funny as he did haha.

Oh, and here is my ornament. Keith wants me to hang it on the tree haha

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